Pensacola Junior Academy

Pensacola, Florida

2022-2023 Tuition & Fees


The Pensacola Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy is primarily operated for the benefit of all Seventh-day Adventist families in our area. Upon application other students of good character may be admitted, subject to approval by the school board, provided there is available space and all other requirements are met as outlined in the Family Handbook.

No discrimination on the basis of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin is made in regard to educational policies, admission, or any school activities.

A child must be at least five (5) years of age by August 15 of the current year in order to enroll in Kindergarten.
A child must be at least six (6) years of age by August 15 of the current year in order to enroll in First Grade.

Tuition and Fees


Grades Pre-K – 8

$250.00 per child (Non-Refundable)

Uniform Fee

Grades Pre-K – 8

$300.00 per child (individual uniforms may be purchased as needed)


Grade K

$75.00 per child


Grade 8

$75.00 per child


Grades Pre-K – 8

$435.00 per month, $4,350.00 per school year 


Grades Pre-K – 8

$60.00 per month, $600.00 per school year 


Grades Pre-K – 8

$72.00 per, month, $720.00 per school year 


Grades Pre-K – 8

$48.00 per month, $480.00 per school year 


Grades Pre-K – 8

$10.00 per month, $100.00 per school year


*NOTE: Registration Fee, Graduation Fee, and first month's tuition are due at Registration on August 4, 2022. 

*Internal fee and tuition discounts and/or full scholarships for qualified families. Step Up for Students scholarships are available up to $6,815.00 annually, per child, for those who qualify. For more information, contact the school office at 850-478-8838.

Additional Expenses

School Dress Code
Educational Field Trips

Discounts & Scholarships

Prepay Discount:
$100/year/child for those who prepay Tuition by the first day of the school year

Multi-Child Discount:
$50 off tuition/child/month for two or more students in the same household 

Constituent Discount:
$50 off tuition/child/month for members of constituent churches. Please contact the school office to see if your church is a participant.

Step Up for Students (SUFS):
Scholarships available for qualified families of K-8th grade students. Go to for additional information and to see if you qualify. SUFS may cover many costs. Contact the school office at 478-8838 if you have questions.

UPSDA Worthy Student:
Financial assistance is available through the University Parkway Seventh-day Adventist Church for church members who meet the criteria.  Contact the Pastor for more information at 477-1777.

Partnering for Eternity (PFE) Scholarship:

The PFE Scholarship Program, for grades K-8, has been helping cultivate relationships between mentors and students at Seventh-day Adventist academies and elementary schools since 2006. The goal of the program is for students and mentors to create intergenerational relationships and experience the blessing of service. In the process, students receive scholarship funds for their tuition and mentors receive the gift of friendship and ability to bestow their knowledge and skills on to a younger generation, hopefully making an impact for years to come. Please see the video below or contact the school office to learn more. 


Application Packet

To inquire further on our school please click the link below:


To begin the online application process please follow this link:

For additional information, please contact the school office by phone
or mail:  (850) 478-8838

Pensacola Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy
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