Pensacola Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy

Pensacola | FL
Dress Code / Uniform
This is a private school with a dress code. We want homeschoolers to be part of our classes in every way, so we ask attending students to wear the following to Science, Art, and Florida History classes:

Polo shirt, worn tucked in - navy blue, red, or white
Uniform style shorts, pants, jumper, or skirt - navy blue or khaki
Socks - white, black, or navy blue
Belt - brown or black
Athletic closed-toed shoes - predominantly white, black, or navy blue

To help homeschoolers offset the cost of meeting the dress requirements, the first month of Science or Art will be free when you sign up for the first quarter.

There is a T-shirt for Tumbling and another for field trips. Both can be purchased from the school at cost.